What Are Air Wick Scented Oil Refills?


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Air Wick scented oil refills are cartridges that connect to an Air Wick plug that dispenses air fragrance. The dispenser plugs into the wall and releases the scented oil into the air or room. As of 2015, refills generally cost about $3 to $4 per cartridge.

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Air Wick scented oil refills contain a wet "wick" or stick at the top that clips into the plug dispenser. This wet wick is heated when the dispenser is plugged into the wall, releasing the chosen scent put into the dispenser. There is a high or low setting on the dispenser plug, allowing the user to easily change the intensity of the fragrance. Once the oil has run out, cartridges are not refillable; a new cartridge must replace the empty one. Refills are available at most retail or grocery stores.

Air Wick scented oils come in a variety of scents such as coconut, fruity, fresh, linen, citrus, vanilla, honeysuckle, wildflower, apple cinnamon, gingerbread and chamomile. New scents are released for special occasions and holidays throughout the year. There are certain seasonal scents as well, such as lavender for spring and hibiscus for summer. Scents that are currently available can be found online via Airwick.us.

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