What Is an Air Exchanger?


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An air exchanger is a ventilation and climate control system that swaps the air, inside a building with fresh air from outside. It provides fresh air and also helps in saving energy by reducing heat and cooling requirements. It is added to the duct work of tightly built houses.

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An air exchanger is normally installed with the duct work system on the walls where the fresh air distribution grilles are located. They can be installed in any room which may require fresh air such as the living room, bedroom and kitchen among others. Grilles that remove stale air from the house are usually located at the highest level of the building where impurities and dampness clog up.

Once the fresh air distribution and stale air ducts are connected to the air exchanger, two other ducts are also fixed to the unit, one bringing in the fresh air from outside and the other removes stale air outside. This enables the air exchanger to ventilate the entire house.

Some of the air exchanger installation types include fully ducted system that collects all pollutants and distributes fresh air evenly to all rooms; an exhaust ducted system that is very effective at collecting pollutants from the source and also the simplified system, which is easy to install mainly because it uses the already installed furnace or the air handling ducting.

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