What Are Some Air Conditioner Rooftop Units?

What Are Some Air Conditioner Rooftop Units?

Air conditioner rooftop units include Energence, Strategos and Raider. Landmark also makes rooftop air conditioning units.? Rooftop units are generally only used in commercial buildings.

The Energence rooftop air conditioner provides the highest efficiency in its class and comes with an optional SmartAirflow system which helps save up to 35 percent of ventilation energy consumption. The Energence rooftop unit is ENERGY STAR qualified and available in sizes ranging from three to 50 tons in gas and electric or all electric.

The Strategos rooftop unit is the most energy-efficient unit in the industry and is available in sizes from three to 24 tons. Building owners may choose a combination of gas and electric or all-electric, and this unit is designed to provide year-round energy savings while not sacrificing comfort.

Raider makes rooftop units ranging in size from three to 12.5 tons that work on either gas and electric or just electric. The company also produces a heating unit that ranges in size from three to 10 tons. Its signature multi-stage air volume (MSAV) supply fan provides reduced energy consumption and improved indoor air quality.

Landmark makes a wide variety of rooftop air conditioning units ranging in size from two to 25 tons. It provides direct spark technology and each unit is a high-efficiency unit that runs on either gas and electric or electric only. Business owners can save up to 61 percent on fan output by ordering the MSAV fan.