What Is an Air Conditioner Protector Screen?


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An air conditioner protector screen wraps around the outside condenser, keeping leaves, animal hair and other debris from clogging the coils. All that mess restricts airflow, making the air conditioner work harder and increasing energy costs. Kits are available so the installation can be done by the homeowner.

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The kits consist of magnetic tracks that have double-sided adhesive strips, a mesh filter screen, snap-on cover tracks and nylon security straps. The latter is just back up to keep the filter in place during strong winds. Kits come in various sizes and can fit almost any model. Custom made kits are available if needed. Calling a professional air conditioning service for installation is also an option.

The condenser works in conjunction with the compressor to provide cooling. The compressor condenses the gas refrigerant into a hot liquid, which travels to the condenser. As the liquid filters through the inner coils, the liquid cools enough to go through a valve that turns it back into a gas and sends it to the evaporator. The evaporator, along with the air conditioner fan, provides the cooling.

If the coils are blocked by debris, the air conditioner could overheat. The screen provides double-duty protection. It keeps debris out of the coils, and the mesh material, even though it surrounds the condenser, does not restrict airflow.

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