If Air-Conditioner Pipes Freeze, Are They Repairable?


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Air-conditioner pipes that freeze can often be repaired, but badly cracked pipes may need to be replaced. Portions of pipes that are easy to access can often be replaced without calling an expert.

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Air-conditioner pipes generally do not freeze in a short period of time. Ice takes time to accumulate, and it blocks more air over time. By inspecting the unit on occasion and listening to hear if the air-conditioner cycles take longer than usual, homeowners can often detect ice formation before pipes are completely frozen. Outdoor air-conditioner units also show signs of ice buildup, and owners may notice their electricity bills are climbing over time.

Air-conditioner pipes are designed to withstand regular temperature changes, but the rigid design of the pipes makes them susceptible to cracking. As water freezes, it expands, and this expansion can be enough to form crack, which can grow if water continues to enter the unit and freeze. Fortunately, air-conditioner pipes are fairly thin, so it is easy to cut away a cracked section and replace it. In many cases, tape can be used to attach a new section of pipe. Pipes must be properly insulated to ensure efficient operation and prevent more cracks from forming.

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