How Do You Age Brass?


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Age brass by scrubbing it with acetone until all the shiny metal spots are removed, and soak the brass item in apple cider vinegar to darken its color. You need a scrubber pad, acetone, a sponge, warm water, detergent, a rag, a bowl, paper towels, apple cider vinegar and safety gloves.

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  1. Put on the safety gloves

    Put on the safety gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals in the acetone.

  2. Apply acetone

    Dip a nylon scrubber in acetone, and work it over the entire brass surface until all the shiny surfaces or lacquer is removed. Use steel wool to give the brass an aged, scratched appearance.

  3. Wash off the acetone

    Mix detergent into a bowl of warm water, and use a sponge to wipe off the remaining acetone.

  4. Dry the brass

    Dry the brass with a towel.

  5. Apply apple cider vinegar

    Pour apple cider vinegar into a bowl, and soak the brass item in the vinegar until it darkens to the desired level. If the item is too large to soak, dampen some paper towels in the vinegar, and place them on the brass surface.

  6. Wash off the vinegar

    Use the bowl of warm, soapy water to wash off any remaining traces of the vinegar.

  7. Dry the item

    Thoroughly dry the item with a rag or towel.

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