What Are Some Affordable Soundproofing Options?


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Some affordable sound proofing options include installing extra drywall, acoustical caulk or mass-loaded vinyl, plugging sound leaks and using acoustic panels. It is more difficult for sound waves to travel through dense material, so installing extra drywall panels significantly reduces the amount of sound that travels through the wall.

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What Are Some Affordable Soundproofing Options?
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Using acoustical caulk in conjunction with the extra panels of drywall further soundproofs a wall. Applying a layer of 3/8-inch beads of caulk to the original drywall before installing the extra panel reduces the amount of vibration between the two drywall panels, which in turn reduces the amount of sound that travels through the wall.

Mass-loaded vinyl acts as a barrier to sound waves. It comes in sheets that users can hang on a wall, place on the floor, or install in between two drywall panels to soundproof a room.

Sealing small openings throughout the room where sound waves can enter also aids in soundproofing a room. Acoustic caulk seals off cracks and spaces around ceiling fixtures, switch boxes, receptacle boxes and door casing to reduce noise.

Installing porous expanded polypropylene acoustic panels in walls redirects and deadens sound waves. Many of the panels come with overlaid fabric patterns to help them blend into the overall decor of the room.

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