What Are Some Affordable Portable Storage Building Options?

What Are Some Affordable Portable Storage Building Options?

Some affordable portable storage building options include pre-built free-standing sheds, site-built storage buildings that can range in price, material and size to accommodate desired specifications or more temporary canopy-type sheds. Storage building material options include wood, steel, vinyl and fiber cement composite siding in a variety of styles and colors. The pop-up sheds are made of durable, waterproof propyethylene fabric.

Portable storage buildings can refer to sheds that are initially portable until installed onto a permanent foundation or are permanently portable like the ShelterLogic shed in a box, which can be easily taken down, moved or relocated.

Affordable portable buildings including permanent, semi-permanent or temporary sheds can be found online from websites such as KeensBuildings.com and ShelterLogic.com or from local retail stores like Lowe's. The affordability and associated costs depend on the size, materials, upgrades and installation options desired.

Portable storage sheds range in size from six-by-six feet to full barn-sized structures. Keens Buildings offers options to select the framing: two-by-four-foot yellow pine wood framing or c-channel steel framing. Siding options include wood, vinyl or composite in a variety of colors.

Necessary building permits and structure certification also affect the affordability of a portable shed. Certified structures are backed by an engineered seal of approval and include wind and snow load ratings.