What Are Some Affordable Chlorine Tablets?


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Some affordable chlorine tablets are Pool Mate and Clorox brands of tablets. The tablets are even more affordable when purchased in larger quantities.

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The Pool Mate Jumbo 3-inch chlorine tablets come in a variety of bucket sizes, from the 4-pound bucket to the 50-pound bucket option. The savings increase and each puck costs less per unit when purchasing a larger-sized bucket. The Pool Mate chlorine tablets are the slowest-dissolving tablets available, making them longer-lasting and more effective.

Each Pool Mate chlorine tablet is individually wrapped for safety and contains 90 percent available chlorine. The recommended use is one to three tablets per 10,000 gallons of water, depending on weather and bather load. The website states this is the most popular choice of chlorine tablet among pool owners.

The Clorox brand container offers 99 1-inch tablets made with 90 percent available chlorine. The tablets contain a four-in-one formula that eliminates bacteria and helps prevent algae and other organic contaminants. These smaller tablets are ideal for those who use pre-filled chlorinating floaters or automatic tablet dispensers for their pools. The Clorox tablets work well and keep the pool clean and clear for a good price. Allow extra time for shipping, as chlorine tablets must be shipped by ground.

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