Is It Advisable to Buy a Lopi Woodstove From a Dealer?


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It is generally advised on consumer review websites such as Consumer Reports and woodstove review sites such as WoodHeat.org to buy Lopi Woodstoves directly from an authorized dealer. Woodstove dealerships sell long-lived products, so an experienced dealer is best qualified in assisting buyers to fulfill wood heating and cooking needs.

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Lopi brand woodstoves are generally commended on Consumer Reports for their fuel efficiency, ease of usage and long burn times. These stoves are manufactured from either steel or cast iron, with steel being the more common option. The stoves must use dry wood for optimal performance and require considerable upkeep to maintain. Many consumers complain of the unreliability of the combuster, which has been reported to crack or displace with frequent usage. Another concern regarding this brand is its relative slowness of heating, requiring roughly an hour to reach heating temperature.

Wood stoves come in catalytic and non-catalytic variants, with the former featuring a catalyst-coated ceramic honeycomb which leads to slower, steadier heating. The catalytic element degrades over time, leading to higher maintenance costs for such stoves. The degradation of the catalytic element can also lead to higher smoke emissions. Higher-performance stoves can achieve emissions as low as a single gram of smoke per hour when quality wood is used.

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