What Is Some Advice on Pool Maintenance for Dummies?


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Basic pool maintenance recommends skimming the pool's surface regularly, cleaning strainer baskets, vacuuming pool water with a pool vacuum, brushing the walls and cleaning the filter. The pool heater also requires maintenance but less regularly. Experts recommend hiring a professional for pool heater maintenance.

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Every few days, a pool requires surface skimming with a net or pool skimmer to remove debris such as leaves, twigs and insects. This is important because objects sink to the pool bottom over time and become more difficult to remove. Strainer baskets also require cleaning every few days to remove debris and maintain good pool water circulation. The best way to clean strainers is to remove them and clean them by hand or with a hose.

Once a week, pools require vacuuming with a pool vacuum to keep the water clean and clear. Each time it is used, the vacuum's filter also needs cleaning. To avoid build-up of algae and calcium deposits, pool walls must be brushed once a week. Stiff brushes work best on pools with plaster walls, while soft brushes work best for vinyl-walled pools. Cleaning the pool filter too often can lead to a less efficient pool filter. A pool filter requires cleaning when the difference between the pressure gauge and flow meter is between 10 and 15 pounds.

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