How Do You Advertise Your Refrigerator?

How Do You Advertise Your Refrigerator?

Advertise your refrigerator for sale by using websites such as Craigslist to create an ad that includes such information as the appliance's make, model and size. You should also include high quality pictures.

It is difficult to advertise your refrigerator for sale without knowing its specifications. If you are unsure about the make or model, check the appliance itself, where the brand is normally printed on the front of the door. From there, go to the manufacturer's website to find the model that matches yours. If you are unable to find it, the brand may be enough for your ad.

Another important detail when advertising your refrigerator is the size of the fridge. Measure the size in cubic feet and only include the inside of the fridge. You can measure it yourself by using measuring tape to learn the depth, width and height of the fridge in feet before multiplying these three values together to get the size of your fridge in cubic feet.

Pictures are important for advertising, and a bad picture can ruin your ad. Take many pictures in good lighting, and make sure that the other items in the picture are clean. Do not take a picture of your fridge or the counter next to it is dirty, and make the fridge look as appealing as possible.

In the description of the fridge on the ad, include as much information as you have, and write as clearly as possible. Use bullet points instead of large paragraphs if possible. Your headline should also be as clear and concise as possible to attract potential buyers.