What Are Some Advantages of Wrought-Iron Metal Gates?

What Are Some Advantages of Wrought-Iron Metal Gates?

Some advantages of wrought iron metal gates include durability, security, protection, beauty and the ability to be customized, notes J & J Gate Service & Design at JJGates.com. Iron gates are strong and can be used around gardens, patios, pools and as fencing around the perimeter of a home.

While there are some disadvantages to having a wrought iron gate, such as a lack of privacy, large amount of maintenance and high cost of installation, the advantages outweigh the negatives for many homeowners, notes MidwestFence.com. Wrought iron gates have a desirable appearance and can be designed as elegant or simple as the homeowner desires.

Wrought iron gates are created from one of the most durable fencing materials available, as of 2015. This prevents the gates from becoming damaged from normal wear and tear, making it a good option for high-traffic areas.

The durability of the wrought iron gates provides security to a homeowner's property. The bars in the gate are impossible for thieves to break and the space between the bars makes it easy for owners to see who is outside their property.

Wrought iron gates can typically be customized by homeowners. Some gates have intricate symbols that match the homeowner's personality. Others may incorporate other materials, such as wood.