What Are the Advantages of Wooden Garage Door Panels?

What Are the Advantages of Wooden Garage Door Panels?

The advantages of wooden garage door panels are that they are easily customizable, durable, attractive and environmentally-friendly. They can be repainted, reduce noise pollution and provide insulation against extreme temperature changes. However, they have considerable disadvantages and thus are not used as frequently as other building materials.

Wooden doors provide an attractive, rustic appearance not easily duplicated with other building materials. They allow for unique designs and customization not possible with metal doors. Cedar and redwood are species of wood that are suitable for most environments, including humid environments.

However, wooden garage doors tend to be more expensive and harder to obtain than other options, such as aluminum and steel. They also require more maintenance than other types to prevent rotting. The doors require frequent repainting and refinishing, particularly in humid climates. Consequently, most wood garage door manufacturers only offer short warranties. Wood doors are heavy and strain the mechanical systems that lift them.

Wooden doors are not suitable for hot, dry or sunny climates or coastal regions because heat and salt cause wood to expand and swell.

Other building materials may be more suitable. Steel doors are durable and less expensive but are prone to rust and dents. Aluminum doors are lightweight and inexpensive.