What Are the Advantages of Wireless Thermometers?

Wireless thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled, so the occupant of the home can change the temperature in the house from a computer, tablet or smartphone. This capability lets the user adjust the thermostat if he is working late, coming home early or away on vacation. The wireless unit can save even more money than a programmable thermostat while ensuring the house is always at the right temperature when an occupant walks in the door.

In homes or buildings with multiple heating or cooling units, adding wireless thermostats to each unit allows the operator to set the temperature of all the units from a single location. With this setup, it is possible to maximize the use of zone heating or cooling to increase comfort while reducing operating costs.

With the system, the operator can monitor the temperature in the space. It is possible to set up the system so that it sends an email alert if the space is too hot or too cold. If the heating or cooling system fails, this warning alerts the proper personnel so they can take action, preventing frozen plumbing or overheating of sensitive electronics. The system also offers reports and analysis of energy usage in the building to help plan more efficient use of resources.