What Are the Advantages of a Walk Through Garage Door?


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Benefits of walk-through garage doors include convenience, safety and energy conservation. These units install in the standard garage door without interfering with its function but allow people to enter the area without activating the garage door.

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Having to open the garage door to walk inside for tools or equipment is often inconvenient. While most owners have a remote control for the door, these units are often in the car, inside the garage. The walk-through door uses a standard deadbolt lock that a locksmith can key to match all the other door locks to the house, making it a much more convenient option.

Opening the full garage door allows prying eyes to see what the owner stores inside the area. The walk-through door limits the vision of others into the space. The door opens out of the garage, so if intruders attempt to break into the home through it, their attempts push it into the frame and are usually unsuccessful.

The garage door is the largest opening into the home. While garages are usually not heated, opening the door allows a blast of hot or cold air from the outside into the area and sometimes into the home through access doors. The walk-through door is no larger than a standard door and limits the amount of air that rushes into the garage.

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