What Are the Advantages of Using Wood Stoves?


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The advantages of using a wood stove include cost savings, increased comfort, using a renewable energy source, independence from gas or electricity and creating a clean and efficient burning. The ambiance and radiant warmth created by burning wood are other advantages that many people find appealing.

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Using wood as a fuel source is both ecological and economical. Many people find the look of a wood stove rustic and attractive. Wood is also a less expensive alternative to other popular heating and cooking sources. As of 2015, the price increase in oil has created a hike in propane gas prices, which makes gas one of the more expensive fuels.

Wood stoves help homeowners become self-sufficient. The stress of increasing utility bills and the reliance on electricity or gas for cooking and heating is eliminated with wood stoves. Although many homeowners do not completely give up electricity and gas, the ability to rely on an inexpensive and renewable resource is valuable.

For many homeowners, the fact that wood is a renewable resource is an important advantage of using a wood stove. Harvesting a personal stand of woods allows homeowners to save money each year by burning wood for heat, and this helps reduce individual greenhouse gas emissions.

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