What Are the Advantages of Using Tune-up Kits for Your Mower?


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Advantages of using tune-up kits for a mower include reduced emissions, better running, easier starting and extended engine life. Typical tune-up kits include oil, spark plug and air filter. People should read their mower’s instruction manuals before attempting any kind of repairs or maintenance on their lawn mowers.

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The first step in tuning up a lawn mower is changing the engine oil. Running the engine for a few minutes warms up the oil and makes it easier to drain. The drain plug is removed to allow the old oil to empty before pouring in new oil through the oil fill hole. A dipstick can be used to check the correct oil level.

The next step is to change the air filter. This is done by removing the oil filter cover as directed in the instruction manual. The old filter is pulled out and the new one pressed into position. The cover is then replaced and the cover screw firmly tightened.

Finally, the spark plug is changed by removing the old one using a deep socket or spark plug wrench. A penetrating lubricant may be used to make it easier to remove the old spark plug if it is rusted. The new spark plug is first turned by hand until the threads catch and then plugged down using a ratchet.

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