What Are the Advantages of Using a Subzero Refrigerator System?


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Advantages of using a Sub-Zero refrigerator system include energy efficiency, longer food preservation times and longer appliance life. Sub-Zero refrigerators use two compressors, are custom designed and have wider warranty coverage.

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The use of two compressors is one of the distinguishing factors between Sub-Zero refrigeration systems and other brands in the market. With one compressor for freezing, and another for refrigeration, these refrigerators can outperform other brands in food preservation. This feature also ensures that the preservation system is not overworked, extending the life of the refrigerator.

To keep food fresher for longer, Sub-Zero refrigerators have more tightly sealed doors that limit temperature changes. This is achieved through heavier insulation that does not allow air into the refrigerator after the door is closed. Sub-Zero refrigeration systems use a microprocessor control system that automatically changes temperature settings to suit climate changes. The use of advanced technology gives users an array of options to adjust refrigerator settings depending on individual needs. The use of an advanced air filtration systems helps to keep the refrigerator free from unpleasant odors.

Sub-Zero refrigeration systems are custom-designed to suit particular kitchen designs, seamlessly blending with a variety of color schemes. Customers have a chance to work with designers to come up with a refrigerator that suits the size and interior decor of specific houses.

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