What Are the Advantages of Using a Keuring Coffee Maker?


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The advantages of using a Keurig coffee maker includes easy cleanup, consistent flavor, cost savings, offering a choice of coffee styles to more than one person and minimal waiting between cups. For these reasons, the single-serve coffee makers are among the more popular coffee makers on the market.

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People who use standard 8- to 12-cup coffee makers often waste most of a pot on a daily basis, generally drinking only one or two cups and pouring out the rest of the pot. Those who use a Keurig only make as many cups as they actually drink, saving money over the long run.

While the quality and consistency of coffee made in a standard coffee maker vary depending on how much coffee is placed in the basket, single-cup servings remain reliable in flavor. However, the appliance does allow the user to control the strength of a cup by selecting different brew sizes, so that those who prefer a stronger cup have the option of choosing a smaller cup size for a more concentrated result.

Keurig machines also allow for a fresh cup of coffee any time. Single-cup varieties include a number of coffee flavors, decaf, hot chocolate, teas and other hot beverages.

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