What Are Some Advantages of Using a HeatMaster Outdoor Wood Furnace?


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A HeatMaster outdoor wood burning furnace provides lower energy and utility costs, increased health and safety, and multiple heating applications, and it is better for the environment. Because the furnace uses an all-natural wood fuel, owners do not need to purchase nonrenewable fossil fuels continually.

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Reducing the need to purchase fossil fuels reduces owners' overall energy consumption costs. This cost saving is in addition to reducing environmentally detrimental carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels.

The placement of the furnace outside of the dwelling also makes it safer. The owner does not have to worry about risks that are generally associated with indoor fired heating systems, such as chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning or oxygen depletion. Because the furnace is outside, the owner doesn't have to deal with smoke, ashes, odor, soot buildup or air-quality complications within the dwelling either.

HeatMaster's outdoor furnaces are versatile enough to handle a number of heating applications at once, such as homes, barns, garages, hot-water reservoirs and pools. The furnace is compatible with most heating systems, so owners do not need to replace old systems to accommodate the furnace. All of the HeatMaster outdoor wood furnaces also come with a lifelong workmanship and corrosion warranty.

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