What Are Some Advantages of Using Glasbake Dishes?

What Are Some Advantages of Using Glasbake Dishes?

Glasbake dishes have many advantages over regular ovenware and serving dishes, including durability, multiple functionality, safety, elegant embellishments and variety of styles. They are also no longer in production, making them collector’s items.

Glasbake dishes were manufactured by the McKee Glass Company and later the Jeannette Glass Company between 1917 and 1983.

Their main advantage over other dishes is that people can use them for baking, serving and storage in the refrigerator. Glassware is recommended for cooking and storage because, unlike plastic and some metals, it does not emit toxic substances into food, as noted by Dr. Michael Hoffman in WebMD. It is also hypoallergenic and free from odors. Some heavy duty Glasbake dishes are microwave-safe.

Glasbake dishes have intricate decorative patterns that add to their aesthetic value, especially when used as serving dishes. The quality of glass used ensures they do not chip, crack or break easily, so they remain presentable and functional over time.

Glasbake dishes are also available in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes, giving consumers many options for baking, presenting and storing food. Examples include the Currier and Ives and the Wild Rose designs.

Shoppers may find Glasbake dishes at flea markets, garage sales and collector’s items stores.