What Are the Advantages of Using a Freestanding Electric Range?


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A freestanding electric range is generally less expensive than a slide-in or drop-in range. Another advantage is easy installation and replacement. On the other hand, a freestanding range may not appear as integrated with the rest of the kitchen.

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Range sizes have become standardized over time, and the majority fit into a 30-inch opening between countertops. A freestanding range, however, offers more flexibility when it comes to custom designing a kitchen. While the 30-inch wide range remains the standard, freestanding ranges are also available in 20-, 24-, 36- and 40-inch wide versions. A freestanding range is somewhat limited in positioning since it must be placed against a wall, but the different sizes allow for an option that fits the space available.

One disadvantage is that a freestanding range must be electric or gas, but not both (a built-in range may offer a gas cooktop and electric wall oven). Fans of electric ranges don't mind this limitation, however, since they see numerous advantages over gas. Electric ranges are less expensive to install and do not require a gas hookup. They are also more efficient, easier to clean and safer than gas ranges, which come with the risk of dangerous, explosive gases being released into the home.

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