What Are the Advantages of Using a Faux Finish on Kitchen Cabinets?


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The advantages of using faux finishes on kitchen cabinets are affordability, limitless customization and little maintenance. Also, the process is usually environmentally friendly. The transformation is normally spectacular, as the process is flexible and any look which may be desired can easily be replicated.

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A faux paint is a finish designed to look something other than what it actually is, and it's achieved by a process of using layers of paint to mimic the appearance of another material. For example; a marble, antique, weathered or stone look can easily be replicated using this process. It is used extensively on kitchen cabinets to dramatically update a traditional look, using an assortment of glazes, plasters, paints and even accessories. Homeowners can change the look of their entire kitchen without having their lives disrupted by the alternative, which is removing and replacing the cabinets. Common finishes that homeowners request are strié, distressed, faux wood grain and Old World finishes.

Having reached its peak in the 19th and early 20th century, the popularity of faux painting hit a decline after World War II, with the advent of other types of art work becoming mainstream. However, it has recently been enjoying a surge in popularity among homeowners, mainly because the upgraded cabinets help to inexpensively increase the value of their homes.

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