What Are the Advantages of Using a Dual Stage Ninja Blender?


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Advantages of using a dual stage Ninja blender include faster blending speeds, more blending options and a smoother consistency on a variety of ingredients. The dual-stage blending capabilities allows this blender to crush ice, seeds, whole fruits and other hard ingredients without technical problems.

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The dual-stage Ninja blender is fitted with the PRO Variable Speed feature that speeds up the blending process. This feature gives the user an array of blending options, such as Total Crushing and Nutrient Complete Juicing, as well as light blending for varying consistencies. The 2.5 peak horsepower motor supports the blender's overall performance, as of 2015.

For blending ingredients with a wide range of textures, the Ninja blenders are equipped with top high-speed blades that operate at 5,000 revolutions per minute. At 24,000 revolutions per minute, the bottom blades shorten the blending time, saving time and energy.

The dual-stage Ninja blender is versatile, and allows users to create a wider variety of juices and sauces. The safety interlock design that allows the pitcher to slide easily into the motor base is an added advantage. The dual-stage Ninja blender also comes with a variety of accessory options, such as the Nutri Ninja Cups and the Pro Single Serve blending unit, for a better user experience. The easy-to-use power knobs make the dual-stage Ninja blender user-friendly.

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