What Are the Advantages of Using Decorative Wall Plates?


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Decorative wall plates complement traditional and contemporary styles, and they come in a large selection of colors, sizes and textures. They are easy to change out for seasonal decor and can be arranged with any quantity or layout that best fits the space and furniture. Displaying plates was first popularized in the West in the 14th century when traders introduced Chinese porcelain to Europe, where it was quickly prized for its rarity and beauty.

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Homeowners traditionally hung decorative plates as collectible items on display. Modern design has moved away from this tradition and instead focuses on the aesthetic versatility of wall plates.

Color choices can be monochromatic, mixed, solid or patterned, and they can complement or contrast the decor of the room they are in. Wall plates can be hung alone, but what makes them unique compared to other wall hangings is their ability to be clustered. Plate dimensions can be identical, or decorators can choose to mix and match shapes and sizes.

After selecting plates, placement is the next variable to consider. The spacing between plates can be distant or involve overlapping, and the layout can be organized or free form. Arrange the plates on a large, flat surface to perfect the pattern before mounting them to the wall. Plate mounts and hangers are available online and at craft stores.

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