What Are the Advantages of Using a Battery-Operated Lawn Trimmer?


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Battery-operated lawn trimmers do not produce the fumes or noise of gasoline models. Without a gasoline engine, they eliminate pull starting and the need for frequent mixing of a fuel mix and refueling. As they do not require a power cord, these models are more portable than plug-in type trimmers. In all but the tallest of weeds, cordless weed trimmers work well for cutting and edging.

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Cordless weed trimmers tend to be heavier than their plug-in counterparts are. The batteries for these units only allow them to perform for about 30 minutes before requiring recharging again. For small yards with minimal trimming needs, the half-hour period is enough to complete the job, but it is not for larger areas. While it is possible to extend the operating time by purchasing a second battery, the recharging process sometimes takes several hours for each battery.

Both corded and cordless electric trimmers produce less noise than the gasoline models. Even with electric models, users should wear some type hearing protection. However, the electric models are less likely to disturb the neighbors.

Gasoline models eliminate the power cord and offer a longer operating period. If the unit runs out of gas, refueling is quick. The user has the option of refilling to complete the job without waiting for batteries to charge.

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