What Are the Advantages of Using an Ashley Wood Heater?


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Advantages of using an Ashley wood heater include efficiency of heating, diversity of models, ease of use, savings in energy costs and increased energy self sufficiency. Ashley wood heaters are also well crafted, durable, attractive and add rustic ambiance to home decor.

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With a heating capacity of 35,000 to 100,000 BTUs per hour, depending on the model, a single Ashley wood heater can heat a 1,200 square foot home. Heater models include free-standing units that homeowners can place in any room, fireplace inserts with or without mantels, and furnaces capable of heating large areas, such as workshops and garages. Once Ashley wood heaters are set up, they run quietly, are easy to feed fuel, and have efficient draft and flame control to adjust heat output. They can be thermostatically controlled to burn all night without the need to keep adding fuel.

Because of the heating efficiency of Ashley wood heaters, they are less expensive to operate than electric or gas heaters in cold winter weather.

Wood is a renewable energy source and is not dependent on the volatility of international oil prices. Homeowners in rural areas are often able to be self-sufficient in their heating needs when warming their home with an Ashley wood heater.

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