What Are the Advantages of Undermount Sinks Compared With Other Sink Types?


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Appearance and functionality are two advantages of undermount sinks compared with other sink types. Undermount sinks help create a seamless kitchen countertop which enhances granite, quartz, marble and other decorative surfaces. Undermount sinks do not have a lip, so food particles can be swept directly into the sink.

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Undermount sinks are installed underneath kitchen countertops, which allows the edges of the counter to line up evenly with the edges of the sink. The undermount design also complements a variety of faucet types including wall faucets. Other sink types, such as overmount sinks, have a lip that sits over the edges of the countertop. Crumbs and other food particles may become trapped underneath the lip over time. This can lead to bacteria growth and mold. Because they come without lips, undermount sinks provide a more-sanitary environment for food preparation and cleanup.

Undermount sinks have a few disadvantages, however. When installed improperly, undermount sinks can loosen and fall. Additional weight from water and heavy cookware may also cause the adhesive to crack and loosen. Maintaining undermount sinks by reapplying adhesive can help prevent the sink from falling. Depending on the sink material and labor costs, undermount sinks may be more expensive to install than other types of sinks.

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