What Are the Advantages of a Toaster Oven?

Advantages of a toaster oven include the ability to brown and crisp foods, quick cooking time, compact size, even cooking and the ability to be mounted underneath a cabinet. Toaster ovens can also cook a vast array of food types with good results.

A toaster oven has a broiler unit, which can brown food evenly and quickly. This broiler unit can also cook foods crisply in a short amount of time. This creates appealing results for breads, meats and many other foods. An individual can make potato chips a toaster item, if desired.

Toaster ovens heat, crisp and brown foods faster than a conventional oven. They can cook foods with similar results to an oven’s cooking, yet at a speed similar to that of a microwave. Also, their compact structure lends to much greater energy efficiency than a conventional oven.

Many toaster oven models can be attached underneath a cabinet, which saves counter space. Since toaster ovens are compact and can quickly cook a wide variety of foods with pleasing results, they may be ideal for a very small kitchen space in place of an oven and microwave. Though compact, many toaster ovens are large enough to cook a medium-size pizza or whole chicken.