What Are the Advantages of Solar Deep Well Pumps?


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Solar deep well pumps are advantageous because they require no electric line to operate, produce no pollution, are safe and clean, can operate in even remote areas, work in wells with very low yield and are cheaper than windmills. Solar deep well pumps are a modestly-priced solution to extract water, with long-term benefits from a single initial investment. Such pumps operate with DC electric power obtained from solar photovoltaic panels.

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What Are the Advantages of Solar Deep Well Pumps?
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Many remote ranches and farms use solar pumps as electrical lines are not available. In developing nations across Africa and Asia, the installation of an electric line or traditional water piping is often cost prohibitive, making a solar-powered system the most attractive option. In order for a solar deep well pump to be practical, it must work at reduced power and during low-light conditions without overheating or stalling.

The advantages of using solar deep well pumps make them extremely popular with homeowners, ranchers, farmers and landscapers across the United States. They allow for more freedom in placing water features and water tanks. Solar pumps are environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate than electrical AC pumps. Solar power eliminates the need to generate energy with traditional fuel sources such as coal and oil.

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