What Are Some Advantages of Smart Microfiber Mops?


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The advantages of Smart microfiber mops include built-in scrubber systems and squeegees, removable and washable pads, and highly absorbent microfiber materials. With no chemicals required, microfiber mops do not leave streaks and smudges on cleaned surfaces. The mops also work with most types of floors, including marble, tile, hardwood, linoleum and wood laminate.

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Smart microfiber mops feature orange microfiber chenille pads that can efficiently clean both wet and dry surfaces. In addition to floors, the mops can clean walls, windows and ceilings. Users can machine wash the microfiber pads numerous times without any loss of cleaning effect. Users should not use fabric softener or bleach when cleaning the mop.

Smart microfiber mini mops feature squeegees, scrubbers and telescopic steel poles. These mops work on bathroom surfaces such as tiles, shower compartments, windows and tubs. With the ability to reach into corners, a mini mop can clean hair, dirt, grime and dust. The company also offers microfiber mop sets, including wringers and buckets.

Smart microfiber pads feature durable polyester and polyamide materials. The pad features thousands of fibers that contain numerous hooks and loops that pick up and hold dirt, grease and liquids. The pad absorbs the dirt through capillary action.

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