What Are the Advantages of a Small Refrigerator Over a Standard Size?


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The advantages of using a smaller refrigerator as opposed to a standard size include portability, convenience and the conservation of space. In areas that are not designed as full-service kitchens, a small refrigerator is much more versatile, offering flexibility in a variety of social situations.

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People wanting to store such items as drinks and snacks in a dorm room, media room, bedroom or office far from a full-service kitchen find a small refrigerator preferable to a full-size unit. The smaller appliance is easier to carry, if the owner decides to take the extra drinks from the media room to a different room for the evening. Having those drinks or snacks close at hand saves people the walk all the way across the house or through the office suite to the larger refrigerator.

On the other hand, putting full-size refrigerators in every room where one might want access to drinks or snacks costs significant money, not just in terms of buying the larger appliance but also in supplying the electricity to keep things cool. Also, many bedrooms and media rooms are not designed to accommodate the space requirements for a full-size refrigerator, so using a smaller unit provides the convenience of chilled food without the hassle of having to rearrange the furniture around a larger unit.

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