What Are the Advantages of a Samsung Front Load Washer?


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The advantages of a Samsung front-load washer include reduced water consumption, no longer needing bleach, energy efficiency and reduced dry times. The exact benefits of a Samsung front-load washer depend on the specific model.

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Older washing machines use as many as 55 gallons of water for each wash. Newer model front-load washers use between 10 and 18 gallons per cycle, depending on the model. The washers are equipped with sensors to detect the load size and determine how much water is required. These machines do not have agitators, making it possible to fill the drum with clothes, translating to fewer washes.

Some front-load washers eliminate the need for bleach. Such washers are capable of heating water to a high degree, which opens up the fabric’s fibers and allows detergent to penetrate the garment. The result is the same as using bleach. Regular use of bleach is not good for fabric. Front-load washers must be used with a high-efficiency detergent because they use less water. This detergent type has a higher concentration formula.

Lastly, front-load washers use new technology to save on energy. This means lower energy bills and considerable savings in the long term. These machines also spin much faster than traditional top-load washers, cutting dry times significantly.

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