What Are the Advantages of Renting a Wood Chipper?

What Are the Advantages of Renting a Wood Chipper?

Because most people only use a wood chipper seasonally, or even less frequently, renting saves money on an otherwise expensive tool that will not be used often, notes Runyon Equipment Rental. Renting a wood chipper also allows homeowners to experiment with the different types of chippers, finding the one that best meets their needs.

There are three types of wood chippers available, states Runyon Equipment Rental. Renting each one lets a homeowner find the one that makes the preferred kind of wood chips.

A drum chipper handles large loads at one time, but does not produce even wood chips. A disc chipper slices wood pieces into a 45-degree angle and is one of the most efficient models available. Unlike the drum chipper, a disc chipper produces uniform chips. A screw chipper uses a blade shaped like a screw, and the blades are interchangeable, meaning the homeowner can choose the size of the wood chips the machine produces.

Renting a wood chipper means the homeowner does not have to maintain the machine himself. He picks up the machine, which has been checked out and taken care of by the rental company, and returns it when he is finished. The machine is again cleaned and checked before being rented to another person.

It is recommended to choose a wood chipper based on how the wood chips will be used. Some people use wood chips as a firewood substitute, while others use them as mulch, which requires more uniform shapes for a more attractive look. A new use for wood chips is in art, and some people turn chips of various sizes into paintings and furniture.

When purchasing a wood chipper, most homeowners also have to purchase the accessories separately, resulting in a higher cost. When renting, all the accessories come with the machine, saving the homeowner money in the long run.