What Are the Advantages of Purchasing a Used Pellet Stove?


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The main advantages of purchasing a used pellet stove is that it is more cost-effective; buyers can also save on sales and Value Added taxes if they buy the stove privately. With used pellet stoves, buyers also frequently get some extras such as a stove pipe, unused pellets and vents.

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Used pellet stoves are usually available at around half the price of a new unit. In addition, if buyers purchase units privately, they need not pay any sales taxes or Value Added tax, which helps to save some more money. If the stove is bought from a dealer, buyers still need to pay sales taxes, but even with this additional expense, the total price of the used stove remains less than that of a new one. Moreover, dealers provide warranties for their used pellet stoves.

Sellers often dispose of a pellet stove because they do not want to be bothered with the maintenance and refilling of the hopper. In such cases, buyers are likely to be offered some extras with the unit such as a stove pipe, vent, vent brushes, hearth pad, unused pellets, ash vacuum cleaner or other stove fitments. This helps buyers save money on stove setup costs.

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