What Are the Advantages of Programmable Thermostats?


The advantages of a programmable thermostat include financial savings, reduced energy use, increased comfort and accurate temperature control. Programmable thermostats allow users to regulate temperature, which is beneficial for times when they do not remember to turn the heat down. This thermostat can also control and regulate air conditioning.

Homes with programmable thermostats use less energy as a result of preset and scheduled temperature regulation. This device allows homes to conserve energy by reducing air conditioning or heating use while residents are away from the home. For every degree the programmable thermostat sits below 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the utility bills are lowered by about 3 percent. These financial and energy savings are advantages that homes receive without increased effort or inconvenience.

The ability to control temperature accurately is another advantage of using a programmable thermostat. Programming the thermostat to increase or decrease the amount of heat during specific periods of the day is useful. This feature allows the user to set the device to begin heating the home prior to his arrival from work. The device also allows the homeowner to start heating a room or the home at a specific time prior to waking up in the morning. This type of thermostat adds convenience to the process of heating the home while conserving energy and saving money.