What Are Some Advantages of Prefabricated Mobile Homes?


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Prefabricated mobile homes are generally less expensive and quicker to build than homes built on-site. These advantages make them preferable alternatives for some homeowners or business owners.

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Prefabricated mobile homes are built in a controlled manufacturing environment. This controlled environment is not exposed to rain or other inclement weather, dramatically shortening the construction time. Due to the need to transport prefabricated mobile homes, these homes may have additional structural features not usually added to on-site homes to reinforce them.

Though prefabricated mobile homes have some advantages, there are also some drawbacks. Most prefabricated homes require an upfront payment, and buyers generally have to make a separate land purchase. Floor plans may be limited, and unlike homes built on-site, prefabricated mobile homes usually depreciate in value over time.

A prefabricated mobile home is built on a steel chassis, eliminating the need for a permanent foundation. It is transported to the home site. Due to the lack of a foundation, mobile homes are considered personal property instead of real estate. Prefabricated mobile home owners are unable to take out mortgages on these homes but must insure them as personal property. Certain areas may enforce zoning restrictions on mobile homes, limiting their presence in residential neighborhoods.

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