What Are the Advantages of an Outside Wood Furnace?


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Outdoor wood furnaces allow homeowners with access to forested land to effectively eliminate their heating bills. Furnaces also operate more efficiently than chimneys, allowing users to use less wood while maintaining their desired comfort level.

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While most heating systems present little risk of fire, outdoor wood furnaces effectively eliminate the possibility of a house fire. In addition, there is no worry of potentially dangerous gas leaks. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is effectively nonexistent if the furnace is far enough away from the home, which most regulations require.

Outdoor wood furnaces also provide greater flexibility compared to fireplaces. Instead of letting heat spread through a home on its own, furnaces direct the heat where it is needed most, eliminating the need for multiple fireplaces in large buildings. The ability to use standard HVAC equipment gives homeowners options for heating their home however they wish.

Wood furnaces also allow homeowners to create their own fuel if they own enough land. While wood furnaces may be more expensive to install than other heating options, homeowners won't need to rely on a gas line or purchase bottled fuel. The relatively high cost of wood furnaces often takes a short period of time to recover in colder regions.

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