What Are the Advantages of Multi-Stage Air Compressors?

Multi-stage air compressors feature many benefits, including higher pressures, lower temperatures and greater durability. Choose an air compressor that can perform all necessary functions.

Air compressors can perform a variety of functions, from filling tires to operating many functions in a factory, and they range in size and capabilities to best fill these needs. Some benefits of choosing a multi-stage compressor include:

  • Lower temperatures - Multi-stage air compressors compress the air once and then send it through an air cooling tube, which lowers the overall discharge temperatures. The lower temperatures improve the compressor's durability and efficiency.
  • Higher pressures - Because air goes through at least two cylinders, these compressors are able to produce higher pressures in larger volumes when compared to single-stage compressors. These compressors typically have a maximum pressure of 175 PSI, compared to 125 PSI of most single-stage compressors.
  • Easier serviceability - Many multi-stage air compressors have the crankcase cast separate from the pump cylinders, which makes it easier to repair.
  • Work well in industrial applications - Air compressors can perform many different functions, so for industrial applications, the multi-stage compressors offer more benefits.
  • Hold up to daily use - Multi-stage compressors are often of heavier-duty quality and can withstand regular, daily use.
  • Higher horsepower - Many multi-stage compressors can feature 5, 7.5 or 10 horsepower motors or larger.