What Are the Advantages of a Mini Kerosene Heater?


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Mini kerosene heaters are advantageous to use because they are efficient, affordable, easy to store, do not require electricity to work and generate no noise. Additionally, they operate on a simple, but fool-proof technology, according to The Modern Survivalist. Mini kerosene heaters are also portable and freestanding, according to Alibaba.

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Mini kerosene heaters only need a well-trimmed, clean and dry wick for working with optimal efficiency. These heaters have a heating efficiency of 99 percent and require just a few liters of kerosene to heat a small home for a week. This makes the unit quite affordable to use. Moreover, the unit itself can be bought at inexpensive prices with an efficient heater with a heating capacity of 380 square feet approximately costing just $100, according to The Modern Survivalist.

Also, most models of the mini kerosene heaters do not depend on power supply for heating. They can simultaneously be used for warming food or a kettle too. Excellent for survival use, these heaters need no special installation or outdoor space, offer a noise-free performance and can be safely used indoors. Further, the mini kerosene heaters can be conveniently stored in metal jerry cans with no fear of explosions, explains The Modern Survivalist.

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