What Are the Advantages of a Lattice Under a Deck?


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Advantages of installing lattice under a deck range from creating a hidden storage area to adding a decorative touch to a home. Latticework also provides the added benefit of preventing medium to large animals from living underneath a deck.

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Additional storage around the home is always an added benefit. By installing lattice under your deck, you have instantly created an additional place to store outdoor items, toys or building materials discreetly. Although this area may not be entirely secure, items stored under your deck with enclosed latticework are not as subject to weather elements such as sun, wind, rain or snow.

Latticework also lends a decorative touch to the landscape of your home. Wood and vinyl latticework come in a variety of styles, as well as colors for you to choose from in order to match the style of your home. While vinyl requires less maintenance, wood latticework provides the appearance of a more natural or rustic style.

In addition to these advantages, lattice installed under your deck also helps to prevent animals from making a new home. Although smaller animals may still fit through, medium and larger animals, such as possums or cats, are not able to gain access.

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