What Are Some of the Advantages of the Kenmore Self-Cleaning Oven?


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Some of the advantages of a Kenmore self-cleaning oven are the lack of harsh cleaning supplies needed to maintain the oven and the time and cost savings. Ovens that do not include the self-cleaning oven feature need to be cleaned using potent oven-specific cleaners that can release fumes.

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Self-cleaning ovens do not require any chemicals to clean themselves. Rather, the self-cleaning feature allows the oven to heat up to such high temperatures that the food spills in the oven are incinerated. Once the cleaning cycle is completed, the owner simply has to wipe away the fine ash that is left behind in the oven to fully clean it.

Manually cleaning ovens is also labor intensive and takes time. The Kenmore self-cleaning oven comes with two different self-cleaning modes that allow the cleaning cycle to be set, run and finish without any sort of labor or oversight on the part of the owner. The first cleaning mode is the Select Clean feature that provides the user with three different cleaning option times, up to four hours, for lightly, medium and heavily soiled ovens. The Flex-Clean self-cleaning feature runs for a user selected time between two and four hours. The time can be selected down to the minute.

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