What Are the Advantages of Installing PEX Plumbing?


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PEX plumbing is cheaper and faster to install than copper and won't corrode like copper plumbing. PEX installation doesn't require the ventilation that CPVC does because PEX doesn't require glue for connections. Instead, the pipes use compression to hold pieces together.

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What Are the Advantages of Installing PEX Plumbing?
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PEX plumbing pipes come in long, flexible rolls. Unlike copper or CPVC plumbing, the flexibility allows PEX plumbing to fit into a variety of areas and go around corners without lots of joints. Fewer fittings also mean fewer chances for leaks. PEX pipes come in a variety of diameters and lengths, allowing consumers to get the best product for the job.

PEX plumbing holds up well to extremes in temperature, making it suitable for both hot and cold water. It doesn't transfer heat as much as other plumbing materials, which makes it energy-efficient. The plumbing may also help conserve water by delivering hot water faster. PEX plumbing resists bursting in freezing temperatures because of its ability to expand and contract.

Plumbing systems using PEX work well for many years. The PEX pipes are resistant to the effects of acidic water. The smooth inside and composition of the tubes make them resistant to mineral build-up that can decrease water flow.

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