What Are the Advantages of Inflatable Chimney Blockers?

What Are the Advantages of Inflatable Chimney Blockers?

Inflatable chimney blockers prevent heat loss from open chimneys. Even in chimneys with working dampers, inflatable chimney blockers can prevent additional heat loss. These products provide more comfortable interior conditions while simultaneously lowering heating costs.

Inflatable chimney blockers are easy to install. The user partially inflates the blocker using either a mouth tube or a foot pump. He then slides the blocker into place inside the chimney. The user then fully inflates the blocker, removes the inflation tube and closes the damper.

If it is installed correctly, an inflatable chimney blocker completely prevents air from flowing up the chimney and out of the house. Blockers are available in a number of shapes for homeowners with square or round chimney pipes.

While a traditional damper and chimney stopper provides many of the same benefits as an inflatable chimney blocker, they are much more labor intensive. While most dampers close from within the fireplace, installing a chimney stopper requires climbing on top of the roof with the heavy stopper and fixing it into place.

Inflatable chimney blockers have disadvantages as well, however. Removal is quite messy if the user installs the blocker in a chimney that has not been cleaned recently. Also, while using a fireplace with only a damper requires simply opening the damper, which takes only seconds, removing an inflatable blocker takes much longer.