What Are Some Advantages of Industrial Steel Exterior Doors?


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Advantages of industrial steel exterior doors include their strength, durability, safety, appearance and cost. They do not crack and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, steel doors provide energy-efficient insulation, and they are made of recyclable materials.

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Because steel doors are strong, they provide protection against burglary and vandalism. The steel material also provides an additional measure of fire safety. Aesthetically, homeowners can opt for a stainless steel, faux wood or painted color look. Although the finish on steel doors tends to chip, scratch and peel, causing rust, homeowners can easily repair steel doors, which outlast doors made of other materials such as aluminum, fiberglass and wood. Steel doors often last over 30 years, making them more economical than doors made from other materials.

Although steel frames and doors tend to absorb the heat or cold of outside temperatures, because they are tighter and provide better protection from air infiltration than wood doors, they are more energy efficient. Steel does not twist or warp over time as wood tends to do, which adds to steel doors' longevity and superior over wooden doors. Steel is also a recyclable material, so installing industrial steel exterior doors on a home enhances the home's environmental friendliness.

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