What Are the Advantages of an Induction Cooktop?

What Are the Advantages of an Induction Cooktop?

Advantages of an induction cooktop include quick and precise heating, energy efficiency, safety, ease of cleaning and a seamless design. Induction cooktops utilize electromagnetic technology to heat cookware.

An induction cooktop heats food instantly. The cooktop transfers heat directly to the pan, which allows food to begin cooking quickly. The heat can also be controlled precisely, like with a gas stove. However, an induction cooktop offers more precise temperature control and better cooking performance at low temperatures than a gas cooktop.

Induction cooking is up to 70 percent more energy efficient than cooking with conventional electric or gas. It heats only the cookware on its surface, rather than the cooking surface itself.

An induction cooktop is less likely to cause burns than a non-induction cooktop. When a pan is removed from the burner, the unit turns off automatically and immediately. When the heat is turned off, the pan quickly cools down. Since the pan is heated instead of the surface, an individual can touch the cooking surface without being burned.

Food cannot bake onto an induction cooktop’s surface, since the surface remains cool. This greatly reduces time and effort in keeping the cooktop clean.

Induction cooktops look contemporary and aesthetically-appealing. They can fit in seamlessly with the design of the kitchen and are available in a variety of forms.