What Are the Advantages of an Idylis Air Purifier?


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The chief advantage of an Idylis air purifier over other air cleaners is that these devices use true HEPA filters, which allows them to remove 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants at least 0.3 microns in size. Some of the higher-end models pair this with a UV cleaner to destroy microorganisms.

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Most air cleaners use one of two mechanisms to purify the air: forced-air filtration or ionization. Ionizers charge particles and force them to clump together and stick to surfaces in the room, theoretically removing them from the air column. However, if they are not vacuumed away, they simply float back into the air eventually. In addition, ionizers without forced-air fans can only clean the air that naturally passes in and around the unit, drastically reducing their effectiveness in large spaces.

Idylis air purifiers contain a built-in fan that draws air into the unit through one or more HEPA filters, typically backed up by a carbon pre-filter to deodorize the air and catch larger particles. The fan's speed can be adjusted, with the lowest setting offering relatively quiet operation suitable for use in a bedroom. The highest setting draws more air into the unit, reducing the time necessary for the purifier to process all the air in the room.

To maintain an Idylis air purifier, the user needs only replace the carbon pre-filters every three to six months and the HEPA filters every 12 months.

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