What Are the Advantages of Homes With Open Floors?


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Advantages of homes with open floor plans include easier entertaining, fostered togetherness and an increased sense of larger space. This type of floor plan has recently enjoyed a dramatic increase in popularity over the past decade.

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An open floor plan means that many of the larger spaces in the home are combined. Homes with this plan feature one or more large open rooms that serve more than one function. Thus, the living room, kitchen and dinning area are all combined into one large space without barriers. This makes the interior of the home feel larger.

With the removal of the interior dividing walls, entertaining becomes easier. When preparing for a dinner party, the host can be cooking in the kitchen without feeling the need to leave the guests alone in the front of the house. Instead, the guests can chat and enjoy time with the host as he continues to work on food in the kitchen.

For homes with families, the parents can keep an eye on the kids as they work in the kitchen and the kids play in the living room. Thus, the kids can be safely monitored while parents continue their daily work. This also provides additional bonding opportunities between family members.

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