What Are Some of the Advantages of a High Wattage Microwave Oven?


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The only advantage a high wattage microwave oven has over a low wattage one is that it heats food more quickly. High wattage ovens are usually larger than low wattage ovens and suitable for preparing entire meals for a family. Low wattage appliances might not be able to cook the meal; they can only heat it up.

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Some other differences that microwave ovens have are the technology of heating, style, size and features.

When it comes to heating technology, there are two types of microwave ovens: conventional and convection ovens. Conventional ovens use only microwaves to heat the food up. Convection microwave ovens also use heat, which ensures that meals are heated and cooked more evenly. In addition, it makes cooking modes, such as roasting, browning and grilling, possible. However, convection microwave ovens usually cost more than conventional ones.

Sizes of microwave ovens vary from compact to full-size. Compact ovens are suitable for one-person use or to use in the office, in a recreational vehicle or on a boat. These ovens usually take longer to heat up or cook a meal. Full-sized ovens are best suited for frequently cooking large meals.

Some of the additional features microwave ovens might have include pre-programmed modes for cooking various types of food, additional interlocks that ensure that the microwave oven doesn't work when the door is open, childproof locks and automatic sensors that determine when the food is ready by themselves.

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